After a few years of working together in the record business, Aaron Keele and Akim Boldireff decided that Toronto needed a new bi-annual record sale. They chose a location near the center of the city and hand-picked their roster of outstanding local and international sellers in the hopes that the show would attract customers from near and far in search of musical treasures. Their recipe was a success and, in the three years since its inception, the show has gained a world-wide reputation and attracts crowds of over 700 visitors per event and rising. From the fresh-faced youth brand new to the joys of vinyl to the septagenarian who has made collecting music his life-long pursuit, the show has become a haven for collectors of all ages whose love of Vinyl, CDs, Paper Goods and other music collectables just can't be quenched. The amount of reasonably priced gems that have turned up at the show is staggering. There is always a huge selection of Rock, Jazz, Soul, Pop, Hip-Hop, R&B, Psych, Progressive, Metal, Reggae and so very much more. Whatever the style of music you're interested in, you'll find it here!

Also at each show, Aaron Keele is available to give you a FREE appraisal of anything from your music room that you care to bring in, whether they be Records, CDs, paper goods, or other music-related items. Simply bring them to the show and Aaron will provide you with an accurate assessment of the collectables that you bring, and will also pay you Cash on the spot should you wish to sell them. Many patrons of the show have been pleasantly surprised at the value of some of their items. If your collection is too large to transport, feel free to come and meet with Aaron and discuss plans for a home visit at another time. He is always making house calls, and will be glad to come and see you.

Should you wish to sell your music collection, or if you are a dealer looking for a new sales venue, we'd love to hear from you. Simply contact us at 416-778-6933, or email at .

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